• French 75mm Placed On Display at Army Guard Headquarters

    A 75mm fires at Picketts Mill in 2003:

    BG (ret.) Tom Dalton secures stantion around the perimeter of the French 75:

    Tom Bailey, stooping with back to camera, begins "jacking" the cannon up so that wooden blocks can be placed under the wheels. Assisting in ensuring the cannon doesn't move is Alan Langston (far left), Bill Brockman (rear) and "Paul".:

    Guardsmen and Historical Society members lift the cannon on to its platform:

    Tom Dalton (foreground) aided by Alan Langston (white cap) begin rolling the 75mm down trailer ramp:

    Margie Diamond and Tom Dalton clean the exterior of the French 75mm:

    Tom sets the ropes surrounding the cannon display:

    Tom Bailey (far left) restorer of the French 75 aided by Alan Langston and Paul uncover the cannon: